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  • Sat, 22 June 2024


"Nepal is here to change you, not for you to change Nepal."

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc  

High Tatras

High Tatras 

Namaste, dear visitor!

Maybe you are a tourist, maybe you like trekking, maybe you are a mountain climber... some people say something magical is happening when the mountains allow them to reach the summits of the most beautiful and challenging peaks... and maybe you have experienced such feelings and sensations and you understand what it means to you... some of them are rare and unique... and there are places which attract people so strongly that they want to come back and make the experience even more intense...

This site is a collection of my photographs taken in various mountain ranges of the world. You know... it is very simple... this is what I do... this is what I love. So... now... you can go on and I wish you having a good time while enjoying the photos... each one of them could tell you wonderful stories...

For the love of mountains...

Michal Farkaš

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